Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photos Of Comb On Frames

So we thought that we would show some progression from an empty frame to a frame fully drawn with comb. If you click on the photos you can see a close up view. Sorry that some are a little blurry- we need a better camera.

Here is an empty frame from the side of the deep hive body. The bees start with the center frames and word their way out.

Here the bees have just started to draw comb on the frame. There is a chunk of burr comb on the edge that was eventually scraped off.

The bees are making progress on this frame.

I thought this photo was kind of cool. You can really see the shapes of the cells. More progress has been made and the cells are deeper on the upper right part of the frame where the bees are clustered together.

A fully drawn frame. It contains capped brood, some pollen, and some sugar syrup stores.

This photo shows some larvae (circled in red) down at the bottom of the frame. I know- we need a better camera.

This photo shows a couple of drone cells (circled in red). Yeah- I know- we need a better camera.


Tracy said...

Thanks you guys!

Sooo, I sense that "We need a better camera" has been an ongoing discussion at the Robertson's this week! lol

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