Sunday, May 10, 2009

Burr Comb

The bits of burr comb in these pictures were taken from the hives during the first inspection.

Smallish bits of burr comb scraped from the tops f the frames and sides of the hives. You can see pollen the bees had stored. The shiny stuff inside some of the cells is sugar syrup from the feeder.

The largest piece of burr comb we have come across. This one was hanging down from the top between two frames. The gap between the frames was created by the queen cage we installed when the bees were first put into the hives. Since then we have pushed those frames together. We don't expect to get anymore pieces like this. At least we don't hink we will. But what do we know?


Lauraven Dodd said...

Recently I had a goodly piece of burr comb with eggs in it. I put it in an empty frame, held by rubber bands. By the next week, the bees had attached the comb to the top, and had expanded it.
It was good practice, in case I ever collect a wild hive.

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