Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Healthy Hive

About five days ago, as I already mentioned in my previous post, I put a bunch of bee candy out in the hive.  At that time the top of the cluster was just below the tops of the frames.  The bees could be seen by looking down between the frames but there were no bees up on top of the frames.  I added an empty medium super to provide space on top of the hive and placed the bee candy inside.

I have been wondering if the bees have started taking advantage of the bee candy or not so yesterday I went out, lifted the cover, and took the following pictures.

It looks like the bee candy tempted them enough to move up!  Besides the bees seen here, there were bees busily moving up and down between the frames and a lot at the hive entrance moving dead bees out and taking off on cleansing flights.  Georgia is looking good and healthy as we move toward spring.  I think a split might be in her future.


Eric & Marie Robertson said...

does this mean you are not going to get a Russian?

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