Wednesday, June 1, 2011


One of the hives decided to swarm today. I assume it was Georgia as she was the strongest of the two hives and had a noticeably larger population.

I was in the middle of my lunch break when my cell phone rang. It was Chris, my wife, calling to tell me that our neighbor had just stopped by to tell her that our bees were hanging out in her bushes. She thought that they had all left the hive and landed in her yard. She was not at all upset or afraid- she really thought it was kind of neat. She just thought we might want to take them back.

Chris would have collected them herself, but I wanted to get in on the action too. It took me half an hour to get home then we rounded up the gear and the box we were going to put them in. As we walked around the corner into the neighbor's yard we walked into a big cloud of bees. They were just in the process of taking off again! We followed the cloud down the block and suddenly they were gone- we couldn't figure out which way they went.

Chris got a few pictures of the swarm before I got home.

So much for my minimalist approach this year. Last year my attempts to prevent swarming left the hives queenless and this year we lost a bunch of our bees in a swarm. It would have been nice to have recovered this swarm and started a third hive.


Eric & Marie Robertson said...

I guess those two queens were there for a reason. Cool pictures!

Michelle said...

We are in the same position. We were going to split but we delayed for good reason but then now that we think we can split our supplier is out of queens :( Now we have to figure out how to keep them from swarming. Our neighbors aren't as kind as yours are.

Jim said...

We had a similar situation, with a swarm that landed in a tree only 30 feet from the hive. I watched them gather there. Unfortunately, we had to leave for a couple hours. I thought they would likely be there when we got back and I could get them at that time. No luck--in only two hours, they had flown. I haven't seen afterswarms, but that could happen without my noticing it. Hopefully you'll not have any either.

Father said...

That looks like a gigantic swarm. Sorry. Probably not a helpful comment. Well, the universe thanks you for the bees. May they live long and propagate!

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