Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Pollen Of The Year

Finally! The first pollen of the year started coming in 2 days ago. It is kind of exciting when you see it for the first time in the spring. It makes me feel like summer is almost here.

The pussy willow started blooming 2 days ago also. Last year it bloomed on April 11th so we are just about on the same schedule. You can read about last year's pussy willow bloom right here. It appears as though something besides the pussy willow was also blooming because there were actually 2 different colors of pollen coming in. There was a light yellow and a dark orange.

Anyway- here are a few pictures of bees on the pussy willow.

I love taking pictures of the bees!


Michelle said...

I've never seen pussy willow like this... only after they've turned a fluffy white. Such pretty pictures!

Beekeeper said...

nice images

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