Sunday, August 2, 2009


This is an alfalfa field south of town. You can see the Pryor Mountains in the background. I am pretty sure that these fields provide the main nectar source for the area.

On the left you can see big blue boxes that house cutter bees- the main pollinators for alfalfa. Honeybees get nectar from alfalfa but do not pollinate it.

Here is a close up view of some alfalfa blossoms from the field. The fields are jammed full of these little things.

Here we have a bee working the blossoms on the broccoli in our garden. Last years broccoli gave us nice big tight heads of broccoli. We must have grabbed a different variety this year because the heads were loose and sparse so we decided to just let it go to seed and see what the bees could do with it. They love it!

We have quite a lot of clover in our lawn. The bees had been ignoring it for the first part of the summer. They are paying more attention to it now.

Pretty good profile of the bee here sucking the nectar out of the clover.

The wings really reflect the sunlight. When the sun is shining during mid-morning the bees reflect the sunlight as they take of and come in to the hives. It looks like little points of light zipping through the air.

Straight head-on view here. Too bad it doesn't have it's proboscis out to stick down into the clover.

Honeybee in a red hollyhock. I thought that bees would only use hollyhocks for pollen- they have so much of it. But as you can see this bee is going past the pollen and I assume is sucking nectar from the center of the flower.

The bees were ignoring our hollyhocks as well until a couple of weeks ago.

Finally, a honeybee in a pink hollyhock. This one is dusted in pollen.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool photos!

the Provident Woman said...

I love bees. I love it when I'm in our backyard and see our bees on my flowers and veggies.

Traci said...

wow I loved the photo of the head on bee...that was amazing!!! love all of them for sure. I am glad to have had a visit with you the other day...we surely need to do it more often...hope things get to calm down a bit for you and you can just have a day to relax...ttyl

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