Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photos From June 12, 2009

The bees started spilling over the side of the hive as we were doing the inspection. When we were ready to put it back together it took just a few puffs of smoke to get them all back inside.

A queen cell hanging off the end of some burr comb on the corner of this frame. The camera (we used a cell phone camera because our other one was missing its batteries) decided to focus more on the hive in the background than on the subject of the photo.

This photo shows a bunch of bees clinging to each other hanging off the bottom of the frame.

Another queen cell pointing downward off the bottom of the frame.


Lauraven Dodd said...

It's not so bad to have a few queen cups. Sometimes the bees make a few just in case they need them. If they make a whole bunch of cups, that's a different matter. -Or if there are larvae in the cups or you find the capped peanut-looking queen cell.

Yay for nearby alfalfa!

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